CYVED universally applicable

After thinking about it for a while, you have made the decision to dare the change of digital­ization with your company or to further expand the already existing one? CYVED supports you on your way, in all areas of digital­ization and enables you to achieve your goals together. It is not relevant from which industry you want to start with us. The application possibilities of CYVED are virtually unlimited due to the extremely flexible implemen­tation, which is why our system always adapts individually to the needs of your company. Together we start your way towards digital­ization and enable you not to have to commit to future requirements or to limit them in the slightest.


Use suggestions for CYVED

Unused potential

A complete digiti­zation is too cost-intensive, which rather relies on isolated solutions that would have much more potential! CYVED puts this data into context, helps you to tap unused potential and offers you the opportunity to advance digiti­zation in small steps. Familiarize yourself and your company with new digital opportu­nities in your industry.

Controlled data inspection

You want to provide customers with data that is stored in your internal databases, but still needs to be filtered by a secure rights system before it is made available? CYVED brings this rights and user system with it.

Building management system

You own various buildings or plants, which are equipped with sensors? With the help of CYVED you have the possibility to create a central interface, which combines all data of your sensors. This creates the freedom for you and your customers to have your data available at a glance, in an uncomplicated way.


Real estate industry

Nowadays, modern buildings are equipped with many sensors that generate an enormous amount of data. This makes it possible to find out, for example, how well the buildings are insulated, how the people in the buildings behave or whether they live in an environ­mentally conscious way.
Most of the time, however, this data is hardly used or not used at all. Yet this data forms the basis for optimizing a building in terms of energy consumption, environ­mental impact, user comfort, compliance with specifi­cations and regulations (ESG).
Also a complete portfolio management based on KPIs and benchmarks as well as the building operation of entire portfolios is not only supported by this, but rather the foundation is laid for it. However, it is absolutely necessary to collect this data beforehand at a central location, to prepare it, to relate it to each other and to interpret it. These tasks tie up resources, require time and always look at the past.

Imagine now that all data of a building are collected in real time, automat­ically at a central place, no matter whether data of the GLT, the ZuKo, the elevators, the weather, room conditions etc.. But that's not all! This place also prepares the data for you in the desired form, draws conclusions and gives recommen­dations for action according to your specifi­cations.

CYVED enables you, indepen­dently of on-site personnel, to bring together all available data of your buildings and to make it available to you in a structured form. You decide which data are to be put into which context and which key performance indicators you derive from them. All key performance indicators can be applied to all your buildings, allowing you to compare them with each other - even in real time.


You would like to implement further ideas?

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