Together with CYVED to automated business processes

In your company, as is often the case, are there recurring process steps that you would like to automate? After a joint discussion in which the various behavioral patterns of your company processes are analyzed, it is possible to adapt the Digital Twin's mode of operation precisely to these repetitive patterns and events. For example, a wide variety of sensors could be checked in a predefined period of time, or data from third-party platforms could be read and transmitted to other systems at predefined time intervals. All data is subsequently backed up and can then be made available to your verified employees.

Furthermore, when certain measured values are reached, further safety processes could be initiated by the digital twin and employees could be warned at an early stage.

You do not want to limit yourself to buildings and facilities? This is also possible with CYVED. Due to the special implemen­tation of our system, there are no limits to your imagination. Let us also automate abstract or purely digital processes. With CYVED you have control over your data and applications.

Line integration

From line to mesh

CYVED offers the possibility to digitally map your entire process flow by connecting to various systems. Close the circle of design, manufac­turing, sales, maintenance, etc. by connecting intelligent systems. Thereby process flows are contin­uously improved. With this data basis, synergies are created and used, and problems are avoided before they arise. The modular structure not only enables simple vertical and horizontal line integration of new machines, but also creates a network (mesh) of your processes and the underlying software systems.

Profit from the data you have generated in the past and will generate in the future. CYVED learns with you to identify the problems earlier and in time to avoid recurring obstacles.


CYVED homogenizes all data of different machines and sensors due to its core functionality and flexible interfaces. Bundle the data in your company via different protocols and make them available via a uniform interface. Offer your customers and employees convenient ways to interact with your machines and/or sensors. Capture data in real time.