CYVED can do more than just manage and organize your data. It forms its own architecture, which can be considered as software, but brings many special advantages, such as the independent coordi­nation of software systems. Thus CYVED creates a networked digital ecosystem of your software solutions and data sources. A true "ECO System as a Software" (ECOaaS).

The core function­alities of our ECOaaS system

Networking of all software systems

You are probably also familiar with lost data in data silos or the manual transfer of data from different data sources. In addition, there is an ever-increasing number of software systems, which makes things even more complex. These challenges continue to be among the major brakes on digiti­zation.

This is exactly where CYVED comes in. Due to its great scalability and expand­ability, CYVED creates completely new possibilities to network data with each other. The flexible connectors to different systems that can be addressed via REST, SQL, OPC UA, ModBus and many more, for example. This allows you to have your data exactly where you need it. CYVED as a team leader for your software systems creates a whole new interface mesh!


Creation of new applications

Software applications that meet your processes and needs as a company are not always available on the market. Through simple high and in the future also low programming (graphical programming), you can easily build your own applications with CYVED. Bundle your data, evaluate it rule- and AI-based and experience your data as your new future commodity.

Storage of your system data on any database

MySQL, MS SQL or rather Neo4j? With CYVED you don't have to commit yourself anymore. Due to the dynamic structure of our system, it adapts specif­ically to the system data you use and can be used dynamically for all databases. You need a combination of different database systems? With the help of certain interfaces of CYVED, your live and measurement data can be stored on additional DBMS. Change of your existing database system? After a backup of the data, you can easily move to another database using CYVED.



The ever increasing amount of data also brings the existing hardware to its limits. CYVED supports there with new algorithms to enable an accelerated and yet resource-saving processing of the data. The data stream processing implemented in CYVED allows to process your data in real time


Automat­ically generated REST interfaces

So that your customers and subcon­tractors can also benefit from CYVED's flexibility and your data, CYVED offers the automatic generation of a REST interface based on your data model and digital twin. The REST interface allows outsiders to access your data model. Of course, everything is encrypted and subjected to a strict rights management adapted to your needs. Furthermore, this gives you the freedom to decide with what and how you want to develop your user interface indepen­dently.

The advantages at a glance:

  • No need to implement a REST server or web interface.
  • You determine which functionalities and data may be passed on via the REST interface. The rights system of CYVED flexibly adapts to your requirements.
  • As the digital twin is extended, the REST interface is also extended automatically. This makes it easier to deploy new features to the interface.
  • The system automatically generates an API based on the data model and digital twin.


Customized modules

The modular structure of CYVED makes your vision of a digital process landscape in your company a reality. Building block by building block, individually programmable modules can be assembled and create a unique digital twin of your company.

Experience the novelty of not only being able to view your data bundled, but that it is also processed and held in the background in this way.


Digital Twin

What is behind our concept of the digital twin? The digital twin represents the image of an object in the real world in a purely digital form. For example, this could be represented by a production plant, a building or a shopping cart. As long as the necessary data basis is given, there are no limits to the imagination as to which structure should be assigned to the Digital Twin.

After the creation of the Digital Twin by CYVED, it can of course be extended by further functions, such as the calculation of various key figures or the linking of entire algorithms. Data exchange with other systems and the resulting use of simulations and services can also be used without any problems with the help of the Digital Twin.

Expandable interfaces

Due to its enormous flexibility, CYVED is able to address other interfaces such as Mod-Bus, BacNet, SOAP or RMI, which makes connecting them child's play.


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