ECO-System as a Service (ECOaaS)

CYVED sees itself as a standalone software architecture and software platform that allows you to create personal data platform solutions tailored to your needs. Adapting the constantly growing digital ecosystems in companies to different software systems requires new strategies without losing existing function­alities and data. Furthermore, a solution must also be designed in such a way that software systems can be exchanged at will without losing the data they have generated during their period of use.
This is exactly where CYVED comes into play as "ECO-System as a Service" (ECOaaS). Our novel architecture sees itself as a team leader of your data and software systems to interconnect them.
Due to its flexibility and scalability, it is easy for CYVED to obtain data from a wide variety of sources. CYVED builds up a mesh of interfaces through various connectors, with which you as a company can merge your data as you need it.

To make this possible, we provide you with an already predefined digital environment, which can then be individually adapted to the requirements you set. This can be done either through high or low code programming. This creates clear structures that will immensely facilitate the synchro­nization, distri­bution, processing and expansion of your data. This can be realized either by processing the data via our interfaces or by using predefined algorithms of our system. The use of these structures supports you in the creation of the consistent, digital twin, which henceforth serves as the single source of truth in your company. Through the additional connection of machine-related protocols, such as OPC UA, sensors as well as actuators can be connected to this twin in order to always provide the latest data in the system.

The different digital system

The basic idea of CYVED was to design a digital product that can dynamically adapt to the needs of our customers. Be it from the IT, mechanical and plant engineering or logistics industry, the construction industry - from which we originally come from - or yet from another field of activity. The challenge was to develop a solution that masters and can process all common protocols used in the various industries. This already sets CYVED apart from other systems. Your company, no longer has to adapt to the way other products work, but CYVED adapts to the everyday structures and protocols of your company.

  • Data Acquisition (Capture)
  • Management (Manage)
  • Storage (Store)
  • Output (Deliver)
  • Preservation (Preserve)
  • Business-Process-Management (BPM)
  • Data / Document Management (DM)
  • Collaboration (Collab)
  • Web Content Management (WCM)
  • Records Management (RM)

CYVED enables

A data exchange to

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • DRM
  • PLM
  • PDM

Control of machines via

  • OPC
  • Unified Architecture
  • Mod-Bus

A data transfer to server systems via

  • REST
  • SOAP
  • RMI

Connection to databases like

  • MySQL
  • Node4J
  • Postgres / TimeScale

Further linking possibilities to

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • IOT (Internet of things)

Furthermore CYVED offers you the possibility to start small. You are just starting with your start-up and do not yet have the full financial means to implement a complete supply chain? Due to the continuous extensi­bility of CYVED, it is not relevant where exactly you start with the implemen­tation of the value or supply chain. The digital twin can be extended at any time. Thus, we keep the way open for you to develop when and only when you wish to.