"We do not want to replace humans. We want to enable them to stay one step ahead of the machine."

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Your partner in the digital process industry. With the help of our platform building platform system we create the space to improve the quality of your processes and to create new possibilities. Together with you we construct solutions, which are individually and exactly adapted to the needs of your company.

We are committed to reducing your company's costs, facili­tating your entry into digiti­zation, and enabling communi­cation between the platforms you already use, as well as sensors and actuators. To enable you and your company to start or further implement digital­ization, we work with you to develop a complete "end-to-end value chain" or "end-to-end supply chain" or just individual areas from these.

Our team is interdis­ci­plinary and combines the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering and computer science in order to offer you compre­hensive consulting and industry-specific solutions at any time with all the expertise you need.

Cooperation in partnership, loyalty and reliability are the lived philosophy of CYVED.


Our Team


Lennart Monir

CEO and Founder

Computer scientist


Fabio Strahlendorff


Computer scientist


Oliver Meier

CTO and Founder

Electronics technician for operating technology


Steffen Steineck (birth name Kujajewski)


Civil Engineer


David Tocü

CSO and Founder